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12th day mojoy inbound marketing

The Gift of Inbound, or How to Lure People (in a non-creepy way)

Let’s Meet Me

Name: Shannon Thompson

Middle Name: Rose

Official Title: Social Media Intern

Unofficial Title: Amatuer Private Investigator

First song you play on our office radio: Drake or Ed Sheeran

Favorite website to binge:

Best Habit: Resourceful

Time at Möbius: 5 weeks

15 Minute Lesson: What is Inbound Marketing, or How to Lure People In (no creep, though)


It’s the last day of Möjoy, and I get to turn the tables a bit and become the teacher. I wasn’t sure what to teach you because, at this point, my happiest expertise lies in nacho creativity and award-winning Netflix binging, but I didn’t think I was going to be allowed to teach you the best practices in that (actually, I asked, and my boss said no). So, I had to think of something else. Instead, I decided to teach you a mini lesson on Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is now the most effective form of doing business online. It’s consists of pulling new customers into your business simply by publishing captivating content online that your audience is "wooed" by. Maybe they love it, maybe they learn something, maybe they share it; but the goal is to captivate their attention. Once they’re pulled in, you can impress them with your content, customer service, and pure wit and charm. Then, they become your customers because you're now a thought leader and a compelling source of material. Share ON.

There are four steps in the Inbound process:

  1. Attract- As a company, you’re trying to attract traffic, but more importantly, you’re trying to attract the RIGHT kind of traffic. The traffic should come from your buyer personas (we talked about that in Day 9).  You don’t want Jo Shmo coming to your site if there’s no way that they’re going to be interested in your product. You want the people coming to your site who are potential customers.  You can attract by taking steps like consistently publishing content relevant to them (blogging, newsletters, social media), and SEO (check Day 6 for more info)

  1. Convert- Converting your attracted visitors is your next step. They love you because you’re so funny, witty, and technically savvy, so you want them to become a customer. You need to gather their information in order to continue the inbound process. You can do this by having them fill out forms on your site, creating calls to action (CTA), and keeping up with your contacts.

  1. Close- The close stage is when Leads officially become Customers. There are different marketing tools that can help you close your leads. You can use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to make sure that all of your customer information is up to date. This helps to keep your engagement accurate and on point when you’re contacting your leads. No one wants to look like a dummy who didn’t realize that Jo Shmo (different one from before-- coincidence that they have the same name) got a promotion, and now they make the decisions. You can also send focused emails to help guide them into become customers.

  1. Delight- The last stage is probably the easiest if you’re awesome (which you are since you’re reading this). You’ve already won them over, but now it’s time to keep them happy and keep them so happy that they (figuratively or literally) scream about your business from the rooftops. You can do this by continuing to produce great content they they’ll enjoy reading and sharing with their friends. You can also give them surveys to get their feedback and adapt your content/ business model using their answers. Lastly, you can observe what they’re saying on social media and take that information into account when making decisions. It’s not stalking; it’s research.

Inbound is all about listening to your ideal customers and doing more of what they like by publishing what they want to see. Sharing consistent content with them will strengthen your relationship or start a new relationship if there wasn’t one before. Instead of just throwing advertising at them about your company and your services, you’ll become someone in the industry that they trust and someone that they turn to for information on the things they care about.  

Hey. The the 12 Days of Möjoy are over! I have truly learned a lot in the last 12 days. I’ve also had a great time bothering my co-workers, forcing them to talk to me, and writing down every word they said furiously (you should see my notes; they make no sense). I hope the psycho notes that I took were put together in a way that you were able to learn something as well.      

Happy Holidays!