Live Video is no longer a refreshing surprise It’s an audience demand

At Möbius New Media, we believe in humanizing your company, and few other opportunities break the long-distance restriction like blasting your message via live webcasting. While streaming an event live your audience grows from a room of 20 to an engaged crowd of hundreds or thousands. Be it a fundraising concert, presentation, client meeting, or attendee-capped event, livestreaming puts you and your message in front of faces anywhere.

Below are five webcasting success stories we’re proud to share. Let’s get together and discuss how webcasting can bring your brand to life.

Mobius has partnered with the organizers of TEDx Wilmington to provide video production services since their first event in 2010. In the past year those services have expanded to include live webcasting of all the TEDx talks from each event. Our webcasts for these events reach international audiences, and one of the recent events was watched live by Sir Richard Branson while he was in Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Isles.

Shine a Light on The Queen is a large fundraising concert for the Light Up The Queen Foundation, an organization that operates out of the historic Queen Theater on Market Street in Wilmington, DE that provides a number of music education programs in the community. This highly successful and always sold-out concert brings together close to 70 area musicians for a 3.5 hour collaborative concert celebrating some of the most famous bands and musical eras of our time. Möbius has provided multi-camera live webcasting of the entire concert for the past 5 years.

TR&P Law has been a long time partner with Möbius. For their off site continuing education, Möbius set up streaming services for two concurrent sessions at a local conference center. Our team designed a pre-session registration system for continuing education credits as well as sound and video services at the facility integrated into a streaming solution for clients outside of the area to be active participants.

Möbius provided webcasting to the State of Delaware’s Division of Libraries for a TEDx Salon event held at the Wilmington Library. The session, titled “Information is Power” was webcast to a number of other libraries throughout the State, where groups of attendees gathered together to watch the event live.

Möbius New Media worked hand in hand with Delaware Park to document and live stream their Ironman poker tournament. Designed to be the longest continuous poker tournament, DE Park successfully entered the Guinness Book of World Records after more than 36 hours of continuous play. Our team used multiple cameras to monitor the room, players and the final table for action during the entire tournament.

With an advanced platform for companies seeking to stream video and audio to their customers, patrons, partners, shareholders, or employees, regardless of geographic location, Möbius can deliver a highly reliable, professional outcome every time. Whether you need to broadcast to a few or a few thousand, we can make it happen. Contact us today to explore how a live webcast can support your business!