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Display of ATCOM Imaging Site

Have you ever watched those seemingly futuristic sci-fi movies with all that cool-spy technology like recognizing faces in a crowd and automatically improving pictures of far away objects (Enhance...Enhance...Enhance)?

Well, it’s real. Inspired by all that is possible, the Mobius New Media team has just completed the new ATCOM web site for EM Photonics, which crafts all of this "fictional" technology.

ATCOM image enhancement technologies enable air traffic and flight monitoring, archival video restoration, airport security, surveillance, facial recognition, and long range target identification – attracting such clients as NASA, video production studios, the US military, and others (we can’t tell you all the names or we’d have to... well you know).

Creating a brand identity for a brand that identifies anyone


With target market in mind, we started by creating ATCOM’s brand image. Utilizing their atmospheric turbulence mitigation technology front and center, the new logo consists of a modern lens focus symbol with contemporary Gotham typography - personification perfection. ATCOM’s online presence is dedicated to showcasing their incredible technology. Impactful photography, simple navigation, responsive design and a built in CMS – make this great UX design a site for sore eyes.

ATCOM Imaging Logo

Add corresponding print and exhibit materials to the mix and ATCOM now has one solid and succinct brand message across multiple channels. The ATCOM site just launched early last week and our client is very pleased – not to mention, the project came in under budget, which always makes clients smile.

ATCOM Imaging Print and Display Designs

“As engineers we’re not generally able to create great marketing designs ourselves but we definitely know them when we see them. The Mobius New Media team was professional and produced something we can be proud of,”

 EM Photonics CEO Eric Kelmelis.

Check it out for yourself here and remember, thanks to our analytics, they’ll be watching.