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As a developer at Mobius, I'm often asked to perform coding tasks that differ from anything I've done before. Not all tasks involve new technologies, but when they do, there's a certain level of excitement and anxiety that follows as we look for the best solutions.

Some of the more interesting jobs start out as simple, flat comps, artist's renderings, if you will. Taking an idea from comp to fully functioning web page is a process that can lead you down many paths: some of these ideas work, some don't.

But that's how we grow as developers: we often learn new technologies (and leave our cozy comfort zone of known techniques) out of necessity, pushed in new directions by new design concepts. Those concepts may have started on a drawing pad, or a white board, or in someone's daydream. We don't obsess on the how - only on the desired outcome.

Of course, there is the occasional “how do you expect us to do that?” interjected into the process, but it's all part of the natural evolution of tech.

Jack Albright

Director of Web Development | Mobius New Media