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Custom Photography for Potstickers Asian Grill

Mobius boasts five in-house photographers that know the importance of custom photography. As the web evolves to a more personal experience, companies have moved toward having custom photography at the heart of their site visuals, rather than graphics or stock photos. Whether it be architectural photos, events, portraits or simply design elements, the ability to have something custom versus canned clip art or generic stock helps gives our clients' sites that hand-crafted feel.

From innovative on-location shoots and the custom photography that builds on emotional connection, the ability to give businesses friendly faces to associate with is a common expectation from your customers. 

On a recent client project with Potstickers Asian Grill & Sushi Bar, we were able to combine video into a beautiful landscape of fresh, appetizing photographs of their menu and offerings. Rather than fill their site with standard sushi stock, we took our equipment into the independent restaurant and had a day of filming and shooting. 

When the work is all in the details and the details are Asian fusion culinary passion, you'll get some great shots. 

Custom Photography of Potstickers App

Custom Photography of Potstickers Dessert

Custom Photo of Potstickers Sashimi


When grabbing shots of such an intense and full-sensory experience like this dramatic eatery, no morsel or decoration should go un-shot.

Detailed Photo of the Front of Potstickers


You can see the video in its entirety by visiting the homepage.

Custom video and photography adds consistency to a company’s brand and increased professionalism to the online experience. The clients of our clients feel more connected to them when they see and recognize faces and places on their respective websites. In an era when connectedness is everything, extending that to your site is not only smart, but critical.