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There are just so many things to think about and plan ahead for when setting up a pay-per-click campaign. If you search "simplify Pay Per Click" into Google at any given time you'll get close to a million returns. When running PPC ads on Google AdWords, you almost have to spend more time thinking about your business and what it is that makes it special as the campaigns themselves take to run. Practically every standard by which you might measure the success of an online ad campaign depends on how you have defined "success" for yourself and your company before you ever design an ad.

AdWords offers a wealth of information, tools, and help resources to assist you in achieving your goals and proving ROI - after all, if you succeed then they do, too. It's crucial that through the wealth of data and recommendations and information that you "keep the eye on the prize" and don't forget why you started the campaigns in the first place. And, if you're like me you can always use a nifty infographic to put the big ideas into nice, descriptive (& easy to prove to clients) visual tools. Why, here's one now from the geniuses at PPC Agency SMBclix!

Get A Better ROI From Your Marketing Budget With Google Adwords - Infographic

So now you are convinced that Google AdWords can do you know wrong and you're ready and willing to dive into the SEM (Search Engine Optimization) realm. But what happens after you have gone through that process and mastered that crucial "Define & Design" stage?

Now that your ads are running, how do you manage and steer them to success

Pay Per Click Graph Workflow

Here we show the way to simplify Pay Per Click and the ad process which has been reduced to the essentials:

Ad Placement

This is your ad, silly.

Monitor & Analyze

Changing your online ads every day is the marketing equivalent of herding cats. While you want to keep on top of your ads' performance, you also eventually need them to do their business. By doing your prep work well in advance you will be in a better position to gauge success later. Let the ads run, gather enough performance data to form solid conclusions, and analyze the data in a productive way. Here I have recommended a three-month run, after which such key performance data such as Number of Leads and Cost-per-Lead can be analyzed.

Is it Working?

Well... is it? If the ad campaign is meeting your pre-determined goals, then consider re-investing in those productive areas. If it not living up to your goals, then take the time to re-think your approach using the data you've collected. Use Keyword Planner to adjust to successful Ad Groups. 

Repeat until you're making so much money from your online ads that you can feign going public while actually positioning yourself to sell-out to Google or Facebook. America! Heck yeah.