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Today we learned that our (average human's) attention span has shrunk to about 8 seconds, or in other words, our attention span is shorter than a goldfish

While we can all probably agree that we should really work on that, as humans, it's also a great excuse to start exercising our video obsession. The power of moving imagery in any form -- animation, gifs, Snapchats, flip books even, have the ability to keep our minds working and intrigued. 

Google "[current year] power of video marketing". At the time of this writing, you'll see over 257 million results of marketers declaring that 2016 is the year of the video. This has been said every year for at least the past five years. All that proves is that you still have time to join in on the game.

The Year of Video Will Grab Our Shortened Attention Span

Video Infographic Showing the Year of the Video

Mobius has well over twenty years experience in video production and shows no sign of slowing down. With thousands of quality video productions under our belt, we pride ourselves in being the innovators and pioneers of local film and video production. We take pride in our production skills even for local competitions. Members of our video production crew annually participate in the Fringe Wilmington Delaware 48-hour film event.

We provide all different types of video production service including: small business marketing initiatives, corporate training videos, non-profit presentations, commercials, music videos and live concert media.

Firefly Festival

The Firefly Music Festival, held in southern Delaware each June, is a massive weekend lineup of some of the hottest indie music acts in the country. Trying to capture in a video such an intense, high-energy, action-packed event was a challenge we were more than excited to accept. Not only will this serve as an event memento for the thousands of concert-goers, but it's one hell of a promotional package to show upcoming attendees what different scenes await them.


Capturing and showing the driving force behind ASRM health benefits can be quite a challenge, as they are a company that is built solely on reproductive medicine. Using animation in an informative way can greatly help customers to understand on an elementary and interesting level. 

Visit Delaware Beaches

In this video, we captured the beauty, life, and sweeping views that all the Delaware beaches have to offer. Expect aerial shots and up-close features of everything that compiles the summer lifestyle of Lewes, Cape Henlopen, Rehoboth, Dewey, Fenwick Island, and Bethany beaches. Tourism videos like this one can bring a viewer from the frigid and bitter air of winter into the sunny, laughing crowds of the beach in six minutes. It compels the viewer enough to start planning vacations before the next shot even comes into view. 

The power of video has the ability to soak up the viewer's emotions and friendly manipulates thought processes and association. Observe some more examples over on our YouTube page.