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Design Against a Concrete Wall

What happens when a design firm focuses the creative eye on their own in-house web project?

Is it more challenging to be creative for your own business than it is for a client?

Mobius’ lead designer Brendan McKeown has the answer, and it’s yes...and no.

Q: So Brendan. Creating the new Möbius web site. Is this like the barber-with-the-bad haircut kind of thing, meaning, the last web site to feel the love is the web site that needs it most?

A: It’s so true. Clients get the love first. But it's also true that many cool small pieces I’ve created for client work makes an appearance on our site. So the Möbius site design becomes a love-in, so to speak, and a collection of our best work.

Q. Where do you start on an internal project for Möbius?

A. Look at the existing site and make a list of what our goals are with a new site. Obvious changes get me going. I knock around the web, look for inspiration online and off, and start sketching out rough layouts. I literally take my ideas to the drawing board, sketching out rough layouts and visual concepts.

Q: What inspires you to move forward, and what gets in the way when you’re working on a new project?

A: The ability to showcase our new work, which our current site doesn't do, gets me going. We’ve not only hit our design groove a lot lately, but we’re doing some great work with back-end content management systems (CMS) for our clients, which also turns out to be a great solution for our own website. The new arts and entertainment site is a prime example ( I want our clients, potential clients and friends to see this work right away. What holds me back or gets in the way is…being busy. It’s hard for the company to say no to work that pays the bills.

Q: What’s easy about getting a site together for Möbius?

A: Pulling the content together for our site is the easiest part of the project. In comparison, our clients seem to suffer through the decisions for writing, producing or providing content. I know Mobius very well, so this is a breeze.

Q: Are there any surprises in store for Möbius site visitors?

A: Be on the lookout for the Mö monkey, of course. He is sure to make an appearance somewhere on the site. We’re also working in an endless, moving sky background to support our tagline: infinite possibility by design. But the biggest surprise of all? The fact that we finally launched the site after it being so long in the making!