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Website Design & Development
Consisting of all their products categorized by application, the Dupont Tate and Lyle website is a major resource for marketing and information. In order to help potential customers gain a complete understanding of the complex capabilities of these products, we provided easy access links to videos, white papers, press releases, and other websites. A click through to their Cosmetics Science Center web portal built by Mobius provides customers access to video seminars containing valuable additional information. This website also provides our client with a constant flow of leads coming in from our custom built web forms.
International Print Advertising
As part of an effort to build brand consistency across all channels Mobius developed an international print and digital advertising program. The ads are used to reinforce brand awareness and when appropriate highlight DT&L’s trade show participation.
Marketing Materials DVD
Support materials such as these BioProducts DVD’s where produced as trade show handouts and leave behinds. These DVD’s provide detailed product and company information via videos, press releases, formulations, and data sheets.
International Brand Environments
DT&L attends several major national and international industry trade shows yearly. This rendering displays one of the several sets of exhibit graphics designed and created by Mobius to support the brand experience on the trade show floors worldwide.