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The Twelve Days of Mojoy - The Gift of Branding

The Gift of Branding, or How to Make a Connection

My name is Shannon, and I’m the Möbius Social Media intern here to learn just about anything in 15 minutes from my coworkers. We have dubbed this gift of gifting "The Twelve Days of Möjoy", and I am happy to re-gift these gems with you. Follow along from the beginning.

Let's Meet Jorge

Name: Jorge Del Fabbro

Official Title: Creative Director

Unofficial Title: Idea Instigator

What’s your middle name: Daniel

First song you play on our office radio: Anything Jazz...or Rock.

Best habit: My die-hard work ethic

Favorite website to binge:

Time at Möbius: 2.75 years

15 Minute Lesson: Where branding starts

Krista as a Robot Being Creatively Directed

On the 8th day of Möjoy I spoke to Jorge, our Creative Director.  

Jorge is one of the people who you’ll definitely meet if you decide to work with us (only the sublest "hint, hint"). Creative visions of any project we take on begins with this dedicated, branding mastermind. He also helps our clients shape, flex, and realize their own visions into concrete ideas for us to start working on. 

Jorge believes in being extremely involved and hands-on with each of the projects that he works on. Communication is key in this industry and Jorge is in constant contact with our clients to make sure that everyone is on the same page.   

One of biggest parts of Jorge’s job is creating and cementing our clients’ brand through various outlets, and he taught me how he goes about doing that. Everything that we design or build for a client, or that they do for themselves, should align with their brand. It’s what makes them unique in the industry, and gives customers a sense of who they are and what to expect from them. Jorge helps to shape brands and establish an identity by looking at the company from the outside, the way any potential customer would see it. Viewing a project like this helps to make sure that the brand isn’t inconsistent when it comes to any photoshoots, designs, messaging, or any other type of graphic that goes out from the company.

So, how does Jorge help a client create a brand? Well, first of all, he starts by figuring out how to make a connection from the client to the customer. The standard ways of describing these connections are business to business (B2B), or a business to consumer (B2C).


However, Möbius isn’t standard, and Jorge doesn’t believe in either of these when it comes to branding. He conducts his business with the Human-to-Human (H2H--read more about that here) way of thinking because, well, everyone is a human and we respond emotionally and by connecting. He shuns the idea that a company should be focusing on doing business with another business or a machine, even if that’s the industry that they’re in. He cited that 90% of decisions are made on an emotional level—not a logical one—so making an emotional connection should be part of a company’s strategy.

The first step in making an emotional connection with an audience is to fully understand them.  

The decisions on branding come a lot easier once everyone understands who they’re trying to make an impact on and why they’re trying to make an impact on them. Creating this fictional representation of an ideal buyer (known in the biz as a "buyer persona") is achieved in a few different ways. By conducting thorough research, sending and analyzing surveys, issuing call to actions (CTAs), using analytics, and listening to feedback from your sales team, you'll find the mold of your audience will take a natural shape. These tools will help to establish your ideal audience by giving them ages, professions, interests, locations, and any other features that might make them unique and and give a unique direction to your ideas.  

Once you have your audience you can create content specifically made for them. It helps to make sure that your brand is as honed-in as possible, and making decisions about graphics, pictures, design, font, colors, logos, and social media becomes easier. Any decision that is made should have your audience in mind because if it doesn’t, then it runs the risk of missing the mark of connection completely. You should be staying on brand all the time to capture—and maintain—the (often) fleeting attention of your audience.

Through my lessons I’m realizing just how important psychology is in this industry. From the Golden Rule, to Audience Personas, it’s all about how we understand and interact with people. Sometimes it feels like big businesses and technology might be taking us away from each other, but I’m realizing that at Möbius, with the focus on Human to Human connections, it’s all about understanding and engaging with each other.