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Roses are Facebook.

Violets are Twitter.

Here's another Instagram.

And love from your Snapchat.

What do all of our favorite social media platforms have in common? The ability to instantly stream videos.

These videos can be personal, but for the sake of this blog post, we’re going to focus on just how important videos have been for the use of marketing. With social media being the predominant way many of us get our news and entertainment, marketers have been faced with a challenge: to produce content that is entertaining, attention-grabbing, and encourages users to engage with their brand.

With Facebook recently hitting approximately 2 billion active users, the growing number is not exclusive to just this platform. YouTube, a (mostly) free video streaming service, has over a billion active users-- this number is ⅓ of internet users in total.  According to some recent stats from Wordstream, over 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day! We can only think of how many additional hours Twitter and Facebook adds to the mix. And, with over 80% of marketers using videos to advertise, there is no doubt that number will only continue to rise in the coming years.

Point being? If you aren’t using video to create a personal bond between you and your ideal customer, you’re missing out on one golden opportunity.

Video Statistics for Marketing 2017Video Marketing Statistics 2017

We wrote a blog post about a year ago talking about our initiatives with video marketing. Much has progressed since that year has passed. Facebook Live was introduced, Instagram Stories became a thing, and even Twitter is beefing up their video capabilities. The future is now, and video marketing is at the center of it. The relationship between you and your customer is the primary focus.

However, another cool way that Mobius is keeping ahead of the trend is with Webcasting, also known informally as Live Streaming. A newer service that we offer, Webcasting provides our clients with the capabilities to stream anything as large as a fundraising event to something as small as a client meeting. The difference between this and typical video marketing is that live streaming is in the moment, and provides our clients’ audience with real, unedited events happening in real-time. What can get more genuine than that?

Webcasting provides users with the platform to form honest connections and opinions without the glitz and glam of commercials or TV spots. And, clients can live stream ANYTHING. That’s right: whatever they want! Want to live stream your poker game? Delaware Park has done it, and won the Guinness Book of World Records title while at it. Need to stream a meeting? The Law Firm of Tybout, Redfearn, & Pell has done it, and in the process has helped with their education initiative.

Not Sure How to Use Video for Your Industry?

  • Tour of your firm/office so visitors are familiar before arrival
  • Behind The Scenes at a smaller event or concert to personally connect with your audience
  • Stream your quarterly meeting or any address to your constituents/organization that can't make it
  • An event streamed for non-ticket buyers who want to be there but simply, can't be
  • Live Q&A with your fans to show that they can directly speak to you
  • Uploading video directly to Facebook gains massive engagement - video ads!
  • Send your sales team or tech out for a Day in the Life Of to create brand intimacy

We’ve been excelling at video for more than 25 years. Our technology is state-of-the-art, always advancing, and we have the dedication along with an innate ability to hone in on the progression of marketing.

Before Facebook live, before Instagram or Snapchat stories, there was Webcasting. We took a chance with implementing this futuristic tactic and it continues to kick ass! As technology constantly advances and our audience’s needs continue to alter, we are excited to face those challenges head on. We take pride in providing our clients with the platform to showcase the best parts of themselves, and to overall enrich the community with our work through both our digital and traditional initiatives.