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Website Design & Development
This branded website features all of Gunnip’s services as well as pertinent company information, including staff. Built with a CMS and fully responsive the website can be easily updated and is mobile device friendly. The website is updated regularly reflecting the service Gunnip is featuring at the time and in sync with the ads that are currently running.
Gunnip Ads with many other issues and stuff
This new ad campaign featuring striking visuals helped Gunnip stand out among competitors. By not featuring images typically used in the industry and breaking out in a bold new direction, Gunnip’s brand persona sets them apart as a more progressive firm than its competitors. The implication is that Gunnip is more current and up to date in its offerings and approach making them a compelling choice for accounting services.
Gunnip Print
Marketing Materials & Collateral
In support of the website and ads an overview brochure was developed as their trade show handout. This piece is a brief synopsis of the company as well as its service offerings. Designed as part of the overall brand it features images used in the ads, keeping intact a coherent and consistent look throughout.
Several portable displays were developed for use at local trade shows, seminars and conferences. These reflect the brand and briefly touch on services provided. The objective in these types of environments is to capture the attention of attendees, identify who you are, and briefly describe what you do.
Social Media & SEO
As part of the overall brand, Mobius created Gunnip’s social media presence in sync with the website and other materials. Additionally, we provide monthly SEO reports to Gunnip, tracking analytics and making recommendations regularly to keep search rankings high in their field.