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As part of the rebrand a logo refresh was in order. By modernizing the typography and adding some playful elements, we captured the friendly and approachable nature of the company while keeping a connection to the original brand. Supporting direct mail, brochures and truck graphics were created as part of the comprehensive project.
Online Presence
Mobius is also responsible for creating the newly branded website. The responsive site includes quick and easy access to bill paying for customers and provides them with real time oil prices before they buy – not a simple brochure site but a functional part of their business. In support of the site, Mobius provides regular SEO tracking, reports and maintenance. Additionally a PPC campaign provides leads on a regular basis.
To extend awareness even further Mobius developed a television campaign targeted towards Hillside’s service areas. This is only one of a series of fun and quirky commercials that run on local television, as well as on YouTube and local theater prerolls. The videos reinforce the friendly and approachable nature of the company while providing information on the services they provide.
Outdoor Advertising
Since Hillside is a regional business we knew outdoor advertising should play a big role in extending and reinforcing brand awareness. A day doesn’t go by without locals seeing one of these on the road, putting a big smile on their face, as Charlie smiles right back at them.