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Website Design & Development
In 2014 we launched an exciting new, fully responsive website, elevating ILC’s brand to the next level and engaging customers worldwide on their e-commerce platform. The new website features a CMS with of all of their products accessible either by market or product line. Additionally the website repositions the company focus as not only a player in the space/aerospace market but a major supplier to the safety, pharma, and flood protection industries as well – resulting in increased sales momentum overall.
To leverage the shift in focus and in support of the new website Mobius developed national digital and print ads. The digital ads feature specific products and link directly to the appropriate web pages with additional information. Print ads reinforce brand awareness and when appropriate highlight upcoming attendance at trade shows.
Product Technology Materials
As part of the overall marketing effort, Mobius was instrumental in providing ILC Dover with custom product photography, explainer videos, and product brochures. The brochures are available as pdf downloads on the website where you can also refer to the videos for even more information.
Brand Environment
ILC Dover exhibits nationally and internationally at trade shows throughout the year. As part the overall brand we designed these impactful display graphics devised to leverage their legacy in space while featuring their other product lines as well. On the trade show floor you have five seconds to capture the attention of passers by. This was designed to stop them dead in their tracks.