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Website Design & Development
Designed and built as a comprehensive web portal, this resource is like no other in town - serving as the “hub” of information on what’s happening in Wilmington and facilitating co-promotion between participating organizations. In addition to a responsive design, the mobile version even provides location based recommendations. With careful planning and excellent UX design Mobius overcame the challenge of organizing a massive amount of information and displaying it beautifully and succinctly - serving an average of 10,000 unique visitors each month!
Print Advertising
In support of the website and to increase overall awareness of this resource, Mobius planned to re-invigorate the brand with a new creative direction. In a grass roots effort, we turned the focus to locals that are active patrons of arts and entertainment venues in town. By creating hip new ads that feature people trending locally, we boosted overall social media activity. The result is a re-activated campaign and a win-win for arts and entertainment venues and its customers!
Outdoor Advertising
To spread the love, Mobius was tasked to create a street presence for the brand. In true guerrilla style, branded banners line the streets downtown where most of the action takes place. This approach reinforced brand awareness downtown and connected the patrons featured on the banners with InWilmington venues.
As part of our media strategy Mobius created a preroll video for local theaters, television and YouTube to promote the InWilmington brand and capture the energy of its block parties. The YouTube video along with advertising on other social media channels created a buzz around town helping boost event attendance and overall brand awareness.